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Learning the art of tattooing has always been my biggest desire, finally, in year 2005, i could start my apprentice pathway that gave me the possibility to meet and connect with new wonderfull people, friends, customers and colleagues. Nowadays, after almost 15 years of Tattooing, i can say i had the great occasion to work and artistically cooperate with some great Tattoos artists such as Fabio Stazi ( from The Ten Bells Tattoo/Rome), Jarno Kantanen (Tatuata/Helsinki), Crez and Manekystefy ( from Adrenalink Tattoo/Marghera, Pietro Sedda (SaintMariner/Milano), Kike Bugni, Franco Cecconi, Mallo (Bottega dei Tatuaggi), Alessandro Florio (Puto Amor/Taormina) and much more.. I really love to make tattoos and i am often travelling around the world when i am not doing tattoos in my studio in Roma. As well i had such a great time by managing some Tattoos International exhibitions and writing articles and opinions about the Tattoos culture. I am pretty sure about the fact that we will never quit learning about what we really like. I won’t, for sure. Thanks all of you for the piece of skin ( and life ) that you provide me.

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